How Tea Can Help you Lose Weight

How Tea Can Help you Lose Weight

Millions if not billions of people all around the world drink tea, some for the sheer pleasure and some to help them lose weight. But can an innocent-looking cup of tea really help you lose weight? we’re going to delve a little further into this subject now:

The Facts

While your first cup of the day may seem to right all the wrongs it is unlikely to help you lose weight. Although tea can help to reduce inflammation and help protect your body against diabetes and heart disease it isn’t a miracle drug, unfortunately.

However, if you decide to replace those sugar-filled drinks with a nice sugar-free cup of tea you are likely to lose a bit of weight. Couple your tea with some exercise and you should start to see those unwanted pounds drop off.

Coffee Versus Tea

Many people’s drink of choice first thing in the morning is a cup of coffee. Some are happy to drink it throughout the day, paying at least £4 a day for a mocha latte in a well-known coffee store. However, that mocha latte can contain a lot of calories whereas there aren’t many calories in a cup of tea, especially if you don’t add any sugar.

If you are intent on losing weight you may want to think twice about ordering a mocha latte or simply cut down on how many you have each week. A cup of tea that contains a slice of lemon for extra flavour contains 300 fewer calories than that mocha latte, so it makes sense to do the swap.

Flavonoids in your Tea

Every cup of tea that you drink contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of metabolites (Small molecules) that can boost your metabolism. Catechins, which are a type of metabolite are found in tea, cocoa, and berries and they work as antioxidants and they are thought to boost your metabolism. When your metabolism is boosted your body can burn fat a lot quicker.

Caffeine in your Tea

Unless you deliberately drink caffeine-free tea, your morning cuppa is likely to contain some caffeine. While caffeine is well-known for waking you up it can also increase your energy levels and it’s this that can help you to lose weight. So while the caffeine may not help you lose weight, the effects it has on your body can.

Green Tea

More and more people are drinking green tea as it has a lot of health benefits. Green tea is primarily drunk as it can help you detox, but it is also thought to help you lose weight. This is because a few studies have shown that the flavonoids and the caffeine that’s found in green tea can help boost your metabolism. As we have already seen when your metabolism is boosted your body can burn fat a lot quicker.

It’s thought that drinking just 2 to 2 ½ cups of green tea each day can help you to lose weight, especially if you enjoy them in place of sugar-filled drinks.

As you can see, it is entirely possible for you to lose weight by drinking tea, but you have to make sure that you use tea as a replacement to those mocha lattes that you love and those fizzy cans of pop. However, while the tea itself does not promote weight loss, it can help thanks to the secondary effects it brings (Such as more energy).

Why not consider drinking a little more tea every day so you can start to lose those unwanted pounds slowly but surely? Remember not to add any honey or sugar to your tea as these foods contain a lot of calories. Right, I think it’s time to get the kettle on!

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